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Two-Way Radio, Navstar 29MHz
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RE 02  -  SY-101A
Details: AM modulation 23 channels PLL Synthesizer
Frequency range 29.7100MHz - 29.9850MHz
Microprocessor based channel selection
Auto scanning all programmed channels
Backlit LCD display
RF output power 4W max
Hi/Low output power switch (battery saver)
Power supply 8V - 14V negative ground
External power jack
Includes antenna
Battery Case includes 9 Ni-Cd batteries 1000mAh
230V mains battery charger
Mounting bracket for dash or console
Hand strap
Features: Accessories Available but not included with basic radio:
Cigarette lighter 12V Power Cord
Car adaptor kit (connects to external power and antenna
In-car charger kit
220 Volt mains charger
6-cell empty battery case
9-cell empty battery case with charge protection module
Ni-Cd AA cells 1.2-Volt 1000mA
Speaker microphone
Dashboard hanger bracket
Waterproof bag (recommended for boat use)
Long range whip antenna
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